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Less confusion, more clarity, better results

For clients that want real customers from digital marketing, not likes.

That Happy Place was born in the confusing times of 2020 so that business owners and marketers can cut through the noise, trends and hype, making more impact from diminishing budgets.

Having spent 25 years working in leading agencies in the world of marketing, from digital strategy to social and brand advertising, it became very clear that there was an increasing need for objective, independent thinking for B2B and B2C businesses to do less, but achieve more.

I now help clients identify what to focus on and what not to. But also help you find the right people to create or deliver what you really need: from compelling product videos to building outstanding digital products. 

Let's have a chat and work out what really matters.



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Services & Support

A few areas in which I regularly support clients. If your area of need is not listed then feel free to ask me as it's highly likelyI canyou point to a specialist that can help.

Social, SEO & Display Audit

Gauge of your off-site channels, identifying where efficiencies could be made and howeffectiveness can beimproved

Website Evaluation & Diagnostics

Appraisal of your online presence, identifying areas for consideration, opportunities to optimiseand ways to convert more visitors

Messaging & Proposition Assessment

Review of your communications and productlanguage,providing recommendations for clarity, cut-through and audience recall

Innovation Roadmap Support

Consultation on your R&D programme, identifying new testing methodologies, pilotroll-outs and team inspiration

Customer Experience Assessment

Analysis of the total brand journey, including cross channel touchpointsto identify improvements for drivingROI and LTV


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Automated Creative Advertising

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Reactive Markets

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Innovative LEDTherapy Systems

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Smart Bidding B2B Programme

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We can meet in the real world, do a video call or just talk on the phone, but the first thing is to get in touch.

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