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Contactless Window Shopping

The frictionless way to connect with passing trade

Every passing mobile device is now a potential instant customer

World events have rapidly changed how we as humans behave both online and also in the real world. The widespread and familiar use of contactless payment through mobile devices is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is possible. 'Proximity Commerce' enables brands to use the physical real estate of their windows to act as a channel for instant sales, bookings, test drives, menus or even personal appointments.

It is fair to say that these are not fundamentally new things to be possible by mobile device, but the bridge between the physical world and the digital world has up until recently been either unappealing to cross or potentially unsafe.

Their mobile device is now an opportunity in a way that it has not been before: reducing the overall friction between interest and action and tipping passing trade into actual customers without having to ever set foot inside.

The majority of devices are now either enabled to use NFC (Near Field Communication) or have it enabled. Apple - for long time a reluctant participant in this space - is now activating it across their handset range from iPhone 8 to the most current models.

Contactless Window Shopping is simple

Contactless Window Shopping is a huge world of opportunity for any business with passing trade, because it is simple.

Minimising friction is critical to consumer adoption of new technologies. People just want things to work. This explains why contactless payment is so widespread: it just works.

Contactless Window Shopping embraces the very same behaviou: by holding a mobile device close to the window, the tag can instigate a series of secure and rapid actions. This can direct the user to a product page on a website; directions on Google Maps; a booking reservation system for a restaurant or simply the phone number and contact details for appointments.

From years of experience, it is also a far more user friendly action than expecting clunky QR codes or complicated URLs to work out in public spaces.

The final point to note is that for the majority of the actions outlined earlier, tracking and measurement is available, so you know what happened, where and when.

Contact us and find how Contactless Window Shopping can benefit your business.

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